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Getting my abs licked and balls massaged

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Mamba 4 years ago
His dick didn't move.
3 years ago
OMGAWWWWD!! She is giving him her sexiest attention, and this dead fish motherfucka CAN'T RESPOND!! What a fuckin' waste of this dark sexy girl's time AND obvious talents. Nevertheless,her kisses and sucks upon his punk ass sounds VERY SEXY. When she had especially inserted and then wiggled her warm moist tongue into his navel, that move right there alone would've had my 'motorized cock' on TEN...I LOVE THAT SHIT!! I do enjoy how she maneuvers her dynamic tongue so slowly and methodically.
3 years ago
I can not emphasize enough just how Beautifully Erotic this scene is as ALL CREDIT is entirely due to Ms.Chocolate's tongue technique. But fuck dude!!...his 'nature' did'nt even fuckin' rise and she was totally focused...puttin' in WORK on his weak ass. She should've been pleasuring ME during this scene....I truly LOVE that 'sexy type of love' shit right there!!
guest546df6531 2 years ago
She's name NaeJae
3 years ago
She is making very erotic love to him.It was so sexy when she kissed him upon his navel then inserted her warm tongue deep inside it...releasing it with a sensual kiss...OMG!!
She is a DYNAMIC lover!!
Coquin 3 years ago
Name's of girl plz
1 year ago
I was a dancer for a year and became so addicted to White Men I started dating them and now married to hottest man I ever met.
1 year ago
NaeJae's tongue technique is second to sensuously sexy in her approach. Other Black woman should really take a few pages from her 'Book of Eroticism' so to speak. Her method towards love-making is SO DOPE!!
1 year ago
She absolutely loves his muscular abs. She's so sensual with her quiet passion for him. I imagine that he's her workout trainer and she takes him home with her one day after a great workout and does this to him.
2 months ago
That is such b.s. There is not a man alive who wouldn't at least get hard from that let alone cum. He must've been on something or just came before this, cause this is one of the hottest scenes I ever saw and for him not to respond should actually be illegal.